Building Custom Pages

A cornerstone feature of Format’s Portfolio offering, Custom Pages were the first truly customizable, flexible page type that allowed the user to completely control the layout of their page, free of the restrictions of a pre-defined template.

Like a blank canvas, Custom Pages were designed to combine text, images, and other rich media content


Senior Product Designer


UX and UI Design

Information Architecture

Visual Design



Defining the Problem

As the lead product designer on the team, I collaborated with junior designers, front-end and back-end developers and stakeholders to develop a system that was flexible enough to allow nearly infinite combinations of layouts, while working within our app’s existing framework. 

Working with Legacy Systems

Another parameter of the project was that we had to accommodate a migration flow for the old templates to seamlessly translate to the new designs.


The result was a grid-based system of content blocks that are simple to rearrange, easy to style, and always look great. 

Over time, we were able to expand the content types to include hosted video, animated slideshows and more – all working seamlessly within the new framework. This allowed us to greatly expand the market of creatives we were able to serve beyond photographers.