My name is Lauren Barless

I am a multidisciplinary designer in Toronto with a passion for all things handmade. 

I work with a bunch of really cool, super smart people at, where I am a product designer for new features on our web platform. Here are a few of the useful things I've helped to research, test and design:

A little more about yours truly...

I live in a very old house with my tiny dogs and an ever-growing collection of houseplants. 

In my spare time I volunteer with an amazing dog rescue group called Save Our Scruff that helps save homeless dogs around the world. I help out with running the Toronto chapter of Ladies, Wine & Design and I also contribute photography to the art blog Studio Beat.

At any given time I'm usually working on some kind of side project (often more than one) in branding, graphic design, illustration, photography, lettering... and lately I've gotten really into pottery.  


Get in touch with me via e-mail or follow me on DribbbleInstagramTwitter, or Pinterest

You can also find me on LinkedIn, if you're into that sort of thing.


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