Values and Personas

I originally kicked off my design career in the illustration world, so I love any opportunity to work on icons. These were some cute little representations of our customer personas at Format — just created for internal use, to help the team visualize who we are designing for.

Another favourite project was the “Format Values” icons — created to represent our company values that we try to embody every day: Care, Trust, Simplify, and Impact.

The icons needed to be memorable and unique, while fitting in with the minimalist, geometric style of the rest of our icon set. Most importantly, they had to be recognizable at a small size, so that they could be used as custom emoji in our company Slack channel, while also being scalable to large sizes to use as office graphics. 

They even inspired a set of poorly-drawn parody emojis, renamed “kare”, “trast”, “samplify” and “inpact.” …Honestly, probably a career highlight for me!

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