1. Beautiful, Believable Shadows in Interfaces

    2021-11-17 15:32:53 UTC
    I came across this post from Josh Comeau explaining how to achieve gorgeous, realistic shadows in user interfaces. I love how clearly he shows that CSS effects are not just surface decoration, but can be skillfully used to depict a world that our brains can understand as a 3D space…

  2. Design Resources

    2020-12-30 18:36:00 UTC
    Often, people entering the design profession will ask me to recommend books and other resources that can help them learn and grow. This brief list comprises some design-related resources that have helped me Books The Design of Everyday ThingsRocket Surgery Made EasyDon’t Make Me Think Learning ResourcesNNGSkillshareDesign Thinking Book…

  3. Values and Personas

    2020-04-21 21:55:00 UTC
    I originally kicked off my design career in the illustration world, so I love any opportunity to work on icons. These were some cute little representations of our customer personas at Format — just created for internal use, to help the team visualize who we are designing for Another favourite…

  4. Elysian Natural Soap & Skincare: Branding and Packaging Design

    2019-09-15 17:55:00 UTC
    A small branding side project for Elysian Natural Soap and Skin Care, an independent shop located in Sussex, New Brunswick.  We identified an opportunity to elevate Elysian’s brand in order to better communicate the company’s vision, and reach new customers who were willing to pay more for high quality natural…

  5. Variations on an Icon

    2019-07-14 21:42:00 UTC
    One icon, 12 ways! I went through a number of explorations for every icon in Format’s newly redesigned UI. These were some of the options we considered for our “Link” icon — we ended up going with the one at the top left These were a few of the icons…

  6. Watercolour Illustrations

    2019-02-10 23:09:00 UTC
    For a number of years I have volunteered with Save Our Scruff, a local dog rescue group. Both of my dogs were rescued, so it means a lot to me to be able to give back to organizations that help other dogs find homes I designed a set of greeting…

  7. Profile on Ways We Work

    2019-01-01 22:16:00 UTC
    Format was featured on Ways We Work! You can read the whole thing here, and see some nice photos of our old workspace. ← Back to all posts

  8. Developing the Covver brand

    2018-03-19 20:45:00 UTC
    Excerpted from the profile about my side hustle, on Format Magazine “The first place where I started, because I knew I wanted to sell these online, was to try and figure out a URL. My first idea was to spell it Coverr, but there were no URLs available. Then…

  9. Interviewing the team at Bloomberg

    2017-07-05 21:02:00 UTC
    I first took note of the design of Bloomberg Businessweek when it was under Richard Turley’s creative direction and became a big fan of designer Tracy Ma as a result. It was an exciting opportunity to have the chance to chat with their design team’s new direction here ← Back…

  10. Team Timeout with Dribbble

    2017-05-31 20:53:00 UTC
    Read more about my process and a bit about how the Creative Personas tarot card project came to be here, on Dribbble’s Team Timeout. ← Back to all posts

  11. Assorted Logos and Wordmarks

    2016-03-31 19:09:00 UTC
    Just an assortment of recent wordmarks for a variety of clients. ← Back to all posts