Developing the Covver brand

Excerpted from the profile about my side hustle, on Format Magazine:

“The first place where I started, because I knew I wanted to sell these online, was to try and figure out a URL. My first idea was to spell it Coverr, but there were no URLs available. Then I tried spelling it differently, like Covver, and I saw that the .ca was available. I thought, That’s great. That’s memorable, easy to spell, and a short URL.

So that’s where I started. 

“Once I had that name, I wanted to set up an Instagram handle. But when I looked on Instagram @covver was taken. Then I put the underscore in between the two Vs, and I realized, Oh, it also makes it a little emoji in the middle of the word, and the emoji kind of works thematically because it’s like a little guy with his eyes closed. It’s a perfect analogy. That that little typographic detail of the underscore informed the logo design, where I basically drew a circle around the Vs and the underscore to make the face more prominent, and that became my icon.”

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